tamino3.1.1 Uninstall

i am trying uninstall tamino3.1.1.1
i enter my administrator’s password.
but i received the message ‘password is not correct!’.
what is this?

We are facing the same problem.
After a failed massload, we couldn’t administrate Tamino 3.1 databases with the SMH.

I then recommeded to uninstall everything.

But the Tamino 3.1 had been an upgrade of Tamino 2.3. It’s now impossible ton unistall Tamino 2.3.

A password is required, we tried all possible admin combinations but it failed.

How can we uninstall Tamino to re-install it properly on the machine ???

J-F Declercq
Software AG Belgium

I’m not sure but I fear you have taken the wrong deinstallation-steps.
You cannot (properly) remove the database w/o a running SMH-service.
if you deinstall tamino follow always these steps:
1. remove the database
2. remove XTS
3. remove SMH (this will also remove the base technology)

I think you have to remove tamino manually or reinstall SMH. But I may be wrong about it and there’s a better way.