How to uninstall Tamino

I have installed a evaluation version of Tamino. Due to some problems in installation, i want to uninstall
it. But the uninstall shield asked the password of user “administrator”. There is only one administrator user on my WinXp system, and it always say the password is not correct. I can use the same password to log in the manager. How can i uninstall the software?


could it the case, that some services are not active, when you start the uninstall process?
i had a similar situation and when i started the
software ag services the uninstall process was
working fine



I have a similar problem as jwang only when I uninstall I get the error message “Target node ‘MACHINE NAME’ is not accepted by the argbatch command”.
I’ve checked all my Software AG services if they are started, but I couldn’t uninstall Tamino 4 still.


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Hello there,

I don’t know this particular problem, but perhaps it is worthwhile checking the argbatch environment.

If you execute the following command on the command line you will see the current settings:
  argbatch show environment

In my environment the value of “target” is “localhost”. If this property is set to a hostname which is not defined in the System Management Hub, you cannot access the node through argbatch.

So, for example, if I change the value of target:
  argbatch set environment target=L

As I have defined “localhost” (but not “L”) in the SMH (and thus in the various underlying technologies), I get the following error when I try to stop a database on localhost:

  argbatch stop database database=test

  Command started at: 2003-02-12 13:13:19

  Target ‘L’ is unknown (‘L’ possibly not registered as IP Address in hostlist)!
  Please use the SMH gui “add host” command to add ‘L’ to the list of managed systems.

 Error on read: (ARG0115) Host has closed connection

  Command ended at: 2003-02-12 13:13:19

Perhaps your error message is something like this?