How do I DELETE Databases in

I had to uninstall to load, I saved the databases, but now I can’t open then or convert them so I just want to delete them all together. How do I go about doing this in 3.1?

Thanks for your advice,

Knute Hestness


If the normal method of delete doesnt work their is a list of Tamino Databases in the Registry at


There will be a subfolder for each database, the folder name will be the same as the DB name. This is where all the info about the database is kept.

Delete these and your databases will be gone.


It’s not necessary to deinstall before installing Multiple versions of Tamino can coexist.
In case if installed more then one version on your machine, you can also upgrade older databases via “Set Version” in the context menu.

I forgot something in my original reply, after removing the regitsry entries you will then need to delete the journal spaces, log spaces, data spaces and index spaces from your hard drive.

These files can be found where you specified the database to be physically stored.