how to remove Extended Transport Service in Tamino XMLStarte


When I uninstalled the Tamino XMLstarterkit, the WebDav and tamino were removed, then it stopped at removing Extended Transport Service. Then I deleted most of physical folder and files in the folder of SoftwareAG under my harddisk. Now I cannot access to any Tamino pages and be frustrated at not being able to remove or re-install Extended Transport Service.

I would be grateful if anyone could inform me how to proceed with it.


Hi Emily,

can you please tell me which “Software AG” entries remain in your “Add or Remove Programs” dialog.

What happens if you select “Software AG Extended Transport Service” in this dialog and try to uninstall (“Remove”) the Extended Transport Service?
Is it possible to “Repair” the Installation of Extended Transport Service?


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your reply. In control panel,“Add or Remove” dialog, three items of Software AG remains: Software AG Base Technology, Software AG Extended Transport Service,Software AG System Management Hub. After I select “Remove” the Extended Transport Service,“Install Shield Wizard” appears, but the menu with options of “Modify, Repair and Remove” does not pop up. After five minutes, the fan of computer sounds loudly, which perhaps suggests the computer is working very hard for this difficult job. It will remain for hours if not clicking on “Ctr-Alt-Del” to end the task.

Besides, due to the unthoughtfulness, I delete most of the physical folders and files under the folder of “C:\Program Files\Software AG”. Now only the folder of Extended Transport Service, which has only the folder of “doc” under it, and the folder of System Management Hub, which has only the folder of “bin” and “log” under it.


Hi Emily

please try to reinstall Extended Transport Service from the CD.
Execute: \WINDOWS\XTS\setup.exe
If reinstall is possible, then try to uninstall afterwards.


I have exactly the same problem and the reinstallation, as you suggest to do, doesn’t woerk either. What should I do? Do I have to reinstall Windows XP Pro?



can you please execute the following command (on an english XP):
C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\INSTAL~1\Driver\7\INTEL3~1\IDriver.exe /M{74584C71-BC12-4CFA-81E2-0E55F4597FB8} /z"-I9" /verbose"C:\msilog.txt"

If you do not have an english XP, use the file IDriver.exe in the directory “\InstallShield\Driver\7\Intel 32” with the same parameters (/M{74584C71-BC12-4CFA-81E2-0E55F4597FB8} /z"-I9" /verbose"C:\msilog.txt").

This command will produce 2 logfiles:
- C:\msilog.txt
- %TEMP%\XTS211Inst.log

Please mail these logfiles to me, so I can check what is going wrong.