unable to start the services for the UTX after new installat


after a new installation of tamino xml-server version 4.1.4 on win xp prof i have following problem:

the both services “Software AG UTX Daemon” and “Software AG UTX Event Logger” are unable to start.

The UTX Daemon is depend on the UTX Event Logger.

And the UTX Event Logger seem to be depend on nobody, but the try to start have the (win) error 1075: The dependence service is missing or for deletion marked.

What can i do?

Best regards,

Jens E. Henscher.

Sorry, i have windows 2000 pro, not win xp, installed!

you stepped into an effect in the installation on Windows. A existing Instance of a dll was not correctly updated.

Here is the cure:

- the clean one: Uninstall Tamino, UTX and XTS. Reinstall. Now it should work

- Quick and dirty: replace xtslog2.dll with the one attached. This is the same dll you can find on the installation CD of Tamino 414. I just attached it for convenience. Now either reboot to get the required services started or start them manually (they all start with “Software AG …”)


xtslog2.dll (36 KB)