Understand XPI log files

is there any tool able to read and extract clear info from XPI log files?
I’m trying to understand why XPI went down and, reading these files, I found them very unclear.
Thanks in advance.

Could you explain in detail what do you mean by XPI went down and what are the error files you are looking at? Which version of XPI you are using?

  • Krishna

Hi Krishna,
Some adapters shut down: in “Adapter Configuration” windows was not flagged and they haven’t green point. In fact, document queue was blocked.
I looked at log file in [XPI install dir]\log[broker log dir].
We use XPI version 4.6

Hi Donato,
I don’t think there exists a utility to trim/extract XPI logs files into meaningful information.

Please post what is the problem you faced in what scenario. I guess, that may help us understand and possibly resolve your problem.