Integration server , socketdebug.log consume high space

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One of my Integration server consuming too much of disk space. When i checked the logs, i can see there is a big file called socketdebug.log . What is the use the of this log and how to turn off this log.
Can you please some one assist to clear this log.

31G socketdebug.log

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K M, Varun

There is most likely socket pool logging turned on, You can check the extended settings for a watt property - socket pool debug log and you can turn that off if you don’t need it anymore.


Its enabled for all other servers also, but only few servers log file are generating huge size.

I’m afraid there is no simple answer to this question. A few things you can check in these servers which have huge logs

  • Are there simply more transactions (request/responses) to these servers? More transactions = more entries.
  • Are there more errors occurring at these servers? More errors = Longer log messages = larger log size.
  • How long have these servers been running for? They would tend to accumulate more entries, unless the log is cleared / rolled over which i believe would be manual only.
  • Do all the servers interact with the same external components? Some components might have connectivity related issues leading to more logs.

These questions are far from complete, but they should give you a starting point to analyze.

Hope that helps,

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