Server Logs

Hi Team,

In todays server log, i could see that the logs are from 8 PM.

I had seen the logs from 12:00 AM.

But now i could see the log messages are there from 8PM only.

What could be the reason for it?

Kindly help at the earliest.


In what time zone are the logs creating?

Is this behavior started happening recently or noticed in earlier occasions?

I would suggest,please check with your local IS Admin and determine.

Also by default the logs get rollover from 00 hours.


Logs are created in EST hours.

Have not noticed it earlier.


Also, we noticed that the debuglog of a service didnt log the message in the server logs yesterday.

Usually it logs for all the messages in the debug log.


Are you sure your logging levels were not disabled during this time?

It looks strange and I believe there is some human intervention. Kindly check the security logs if you have enabled them on your prod servers.

Hi Mahesh,

Yes logs were enabled at that time.

Is there any possibility like at the same time if two service having debug logs are executed.
Then it will skip one of the logs.

Because everyday it is recording the logs of that service , why that day its not recorded.

Not for this service only , have notificed the same for many other services as well.


Refer the BIS guide to know more about “pub.flow:debugLog”

You have to deep dive into the issue and find out the root cause. Kindly post the updates if you find something.

I echo with Mahesh…