Memory Usage- Prod Servers- Urgent

Hi Team,

We are continuously getting Alert in our Prod Server: Memory Capacity Alert - 63 % used.

I checked and could see that Java.exe is consuming maximum memory.

Could you please advise what needs to be done for releasing memory without affecting anything as it is the Prod Server.


Get the Java Thread Dump and analyze the thread usage and see if there are any services which are causing this. Also, make sure that the server where IS is installed is not facing any memory related issues.

Alternatively, check server and wrapper logs for more details.

Additionally you can configure the GarbageCollector lo to be written to a file and evaluate that.

You might want to consider increasing the max memory of your instance.

Even if the JVM has allocated the max memory configured it is not said the instances requires it completely.
You can see this on the statistics page of the IS Admin UI after logging in as Administrator.