Information about broker and services with java

Hi All,

I am a newbie in this forum and I am using and ‘old’ version of EntireX in my company (5.2.1)
Our broker is installed in a MVS enviroment (IBM) and we use Natural as well as DCOMs and java. My problem is, I need to know if a broker is active and what services are running on it. You may say, “use the Entirex manager…” but it is a local program and much more information than I need. One other reason is, I would like to put this information on the intranet. So I am trying to acquire this information using java but I cannot find the classes in entirex.jar to do it. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Marcelo,

EntireX provides an interface called the “Broker Command and Info Services”. This is documented in the EntireX Documentation.

There is also another thread on this discussion forum where the Broker Command and Info Services were discussed:
Stop EntireX servers

You will note that there will always be 3 default services (and now with v721 4). These services all start with the same server name “ETBCIS”. You can access these services and obtain information from the Broker using regular ACI type calls. Your Server in this instance will be the Broker. Please refer to the documentation for more detail on how to use these services. Also refer to the discussion thread I mentioned above, since these include some code example.

It should be a simple matter to create a Servlet or to make use of JSPs to access the relevant information and display it within your web page.

The good news is that this has already been done with the latest release of EntireX Communicator v721. It might provide more information than what you are looking for. It just depends who the information is intended for. If it is just for yourself or programmers/dbas then you might want to use what is provided with the new release.