new register to communicate with Java from outside

There are samples in the install directory for EntireX (e.g C:\Program Files\Software AG\EntireX\Examples), including Java examples. The EntireX Communicator documentation explains the API’s involved under EntireX Developers Kit. You are mostly likely looking for the “RPC-based Components” and the “EntireX Java Wrapper”.

where can I egt entirex.jar and samples if we don’t have a folder as C:\Program Files\Software AG\EntireX\Examples

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Would be able to check below in my coding for RPC for request/reply?
I wonder how to request/reply with external mutiple parameters Can I use
setmessage and sendreceive here?

I am trying to request/reply witha java wrapper. however, I don’t have an enough experience to use like that.

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public char findCatalogingBookmarc(String movexValues){

            hasCatalog ='Y';
// config section for Brokerservice
private Broker broker;
private BrokerService brokerService;
private static String sServer = "SRV1";
private Movex library; 
private Conversation conv; 
String brokerID = "IBAX4101_BTN:41972:TCP";
 Broker broker = new Broker(brokerID,"ERXUSER");
 library = new Movex(broker); 
BrokerService bService = 
                 new BrokerService(broker, Movex.DEFAULT_SERVER);
             conv = new Conversation(library); 
//... code managing rpc communication ...  	

 BrokerMessage bRequest = new BrokerMessage();
 BrokerMessage bReply;
 bReply =bService.sendReceive(bRequest);

  try {
    }catch(BrokerException be) {
       System.out.println("exception:" + be);

You will need an EntireX workstation installation to obtain the sample files and jar files.

Again, please read the documentation - the Java Wrapper API documentation should help you. Review the differences between an RPC service request and a Broker ACI (lower level API) message: for a Wrapper object, you will call the Wrapper methods (which turn into calls to the Natural subprograms), not the Broker ACI methods (such as sendReceive).

If you are new to EntireX, the EntireX Demo Zone might also be interesting to you. It contains short video demonstrations of how to deal with the EntireX Workbench 7.3.

Check it out as part of the EntireX Developer Community at

In the menu on the left hand side you will find both:

  • EntireX Demo Zone, as well as
  • Documentation

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This is a good for whom trying to understand. Thank you so much.
Now, I can get a server via java wrapper, however, i am getting alway same return code ‘y’ example even though must be return ‘N’ from callServer(); in java wrapper. In this case, how do I check what’s wrong with client program and wrapper.

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Tracing services might help you. See the documentation under Administration: