i’m trying to run the example in EntireX javaWrapper. these are the following steps i followed:

1. loaded Example.idl to workbench,
2. generated client and server,
3. compiled all the 3 java programs(,,,
4. i run the program from workbench…

It threw an error relating to Broker. so, i created a Broker. set the broker name appropriatly in the properties of Example.idl.

Now, it gave error as "service not registered."

1. while creating broker, how to set the service,
client, such properties?

2. in this program, where to configure the broker to assign a client and server?


The Rpc server must be running. To run the samples in the “java wrapper” directory you need to run the jrpcserver. This can be found in the EntireX\bin directory. My recommendation to you is to copy the jrpcserver.bat from the ‘bin’ directory to the ‘examples\java wrapper’ directory, then modify the jrpcserver.bat to change the CLASSPATH to include the current directory, ie.

SET classpath=F:\PROGRA~1\SOFTWA~1\EntireX\classes\entxrt.jar;.

(note the trailing . is the current directory).

Run the jrpcserver.bat and afterwards the example clients (power, calc and hello) should work sucessfully.

Hope this helps,
Stuart Fyffe-Collins

Thanks for ur reply.

It helped me a lot to have a quick start.