Calling EntireX by configuration


I’m working on a Java application where I have to allow calls to Broker. I have generated my client stubs with the workbench and I am aware that I can automatically generate the stubs by calling the workbench with parameters.

I would like to call the Broker without using the generate client programs and only using configuration. The client programs doesn’t seem to do too much except extend RPCService and providing some configuration.

So is there perhaps a way that I can call Broker without using client programs?


There are example Java programs that are delivered with EntireX. The examples are for both client programs and server programs.

If you are trying to use RPC you should look at the section on the Java Wrapper in the EntireX Communicator Developer’s Kit documentation. There is information on "Delivered Java Wrapper Examples " and “Running the Delivered Examples”.

If you are trying to use ACI you should look at the EntireX Broker ACI for Java section. There us information on “Delivered ACI Examples”.