Client for Java

Hello everyone,
I’m new to EntireX and I need some help. I have to make a RPC to a remote system and the only thing I know is the IP, the port and some other stuff about the methods I can invoke (names, params, etc).
So my question is, how can I make a simple client? Note that I don’t have any API / JARs from Software AG. Can I invoke with Java RMI / CORBA or something like that? What do I have to know about the server for my client?

I searched through the Demo Zone and I found only the client generating stuff with the IDL (!?) file and with the EntireX Eclipse which I don’t want to use. Is there any alternative?

Thanks in advance!


you will need the EntireX runtime jar, there is no way around that,
because it implements the protocol to talk to the RPC server.

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Thank you for the quick answer.
Is this free to download or do I have to send a request for it? Is the server hosting company allowed to send me the jar?
Or (which would be the worst) do I have to pay for it?

What protocol do you want to use to talk to your remote system?

Is the EntireX runtime jar free of charge or is it licensed ?

See [url][/url], especially the last 2 entries.