Calling entireX from a servlet

Hello, I’m a newbie to entireX/broker and I was wondering if someone could help me out. I have developed a JSP application that hopefully will be talking to entireX through servlets. The mainframe/entireX/broker guys have sucessfully run their test through workbench. They pass in a vehicle plate and it comes back with a response (valid or not valid).

On my PC I am running JSP’s through tomcat and I have the entireX war file extracted so that my classes can reference the entirex generated classes. When I try to pass a plate number to the entireX generated java class it compiles fine but I get a page cannot be displayed error. I’m not sure if I have everything I need on my PC, I have the entirex.war in my directory is there anything else I need? Does anyone have a simple example of a servlet that calls entireX generated classes sitting on the same tomcat server?

I’m not quite clear on what you are attempting to do: are you doing an RPC call from a JSP page to a backend RPC Server or are you trying to send an XML document from somewhere to the XML Servlet which will do an RPC call to the back end?

If you are doing RPC calls from the JSP page, you would reference the generated classes. If you are sending (POST) an XML document to an XML Servlet, you would not have generated classes to reference - you would have an XMM file that the XML Servlet would read to understand what to do with your XML document.

I am trying to do a RPC call from a JSP page to a backend RPC Server. Are there code examples out there on how to properly call the classes?

Got it working using this example.