How do I know what's available?

Does anyone know of any command line statements that can be used in CICS to determine what Brokers, services, and classes are available for EntireX?

If this is not possible, does anyone have an example using a Natrual program to obtain this information.

We use a data center and the only library that I can access so far is SYSETB (EntireX Broker Tutorial). Therefore, I?m basically trying to find out what services we have available to us.


EntireX provides an interface called the “Broker Command and Info Services”. This is documented in the EntireX Documentation.

There is also another thread on this discussion forum where the Broker Command and Info Services were discussed:
Stop EntireX servers

You will note that there will always be 3 default services (and now with v721 4). These services all start with the same server name “ETBCIS”. You can access these services and obtain information from the Broker using regular ACI type calls. Your Server in this instance will be the Broker. Please refer to the documentation for more detail on how to use these services. Also refer to the discussion thread I mentioned above, since it includes some code examples.

It should be a simple matter to create a Natural program that will return the relevant information to you.


If you are using RPC, you can use SYSRPC library to check if specific services are available by the PIng command.

Otherwise the System Management Hub and Broker Control Centre give you the information you are asking for from a Windows or Unix platform.

Douglas Kelly,
Principal Consultant
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Thank you.

That was the kick start that I needed.