Stop EntireX servers

We would like to be able to stop EntireX Server which are implemented in Java using RPC Server.

Is it possible to do it in Java (to get the RPC Service and de register it from the broker), or to do command line operation to de register the server from the broker and to stop it?



Hi Marc,

yes you can do this, EntireX provides a facility called “Broker Information and Command Services” and you can find more information about it in the EntireX documentation at:

C:\Program Files\Software AG\EntireX\Docu\broker\info_com\overview.htm

or more specifically:

C:\Program Files\Software AG\EntireX\Docu\broker\info_com\cmd_s_rq.htm

These internal services allow you to access Broker information as well as stop any services you might have started.

I have some sample programs in VB and Natural but haven’t written an equivalent in Java yet. Maybe one of the other community members might have written a Java sample.

Have a look at the documentation it is clear enough on how to use the Broker Command and Info Services.


Ok, it look nice.

Could I have a look at your VB sample, so I could try to implement it in Java.



Hi Marc,

here is the VB code example, although I realized it only use the INFO service and doesn’t actually stop the RPC Server. I’ll also include a Natural program example that terminates a RPC Service.

Theo (230 KB)

and here is the Natural program example:

etbserv.pgm.txt (14.4 KB)

Here are java and C samples also using CIS;
have fun! (201 KB)

Hi all!

I have called CIS from VBscript via Transaction Objects (TOR-file).

I made it just for the test.
It would be nide, if Software AG delivered an TOR-file with the complete features.

:slight_smile: Steen Kromann (2 KB)


Does anyone have a Java example of calling the CIS, they want to share?

:slight_smile: Steen Kromann

just look two replies up!

- arp

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Hi Marc, Can I use commands to “refresh” the EntireX conversations queue? I mean, if I can stop conversations from a particular service (RPC from NT, for ex.). This is because some clientes received “max num of conversation reached”, it was caused for a service in loop. In this order, may I have the amount of memory (buffer) used bay the server?. Thanks.-