Proper shutdown of EntireX XML/SOAP RPC Server


We are setting up a solution using an EntireX XML/SOAP RPC Server to allow Natural programs accessing foreign SOAP Web Services.

The XML/SOAP RPC Server will be running on a dedicated platform and connected to a broker running on a remote computer.

We are launching the XML/SOAP RPC Server using a command which looks like:
java com.softwareag.entirex.xml.rt.XMLRPCServer -p -c entirex.xml.runtime.configuration.xml

We are now looking for a solution to shutdown properly the XMLRPCServer (including deregistration from the broker), by issuing a command on the host the XMLRPCServer is running on. The solution we are leaning for would be to write some simple Java Code, but we haven

The simple solution is probably a simple kill pid command. Note that the RPC Server registers a JVM shutdown hook so it cleanly stops when the process is terminated by CTRL-C or KILL.

The more complicated solution is to use Command & Info Services (e.g. via the supplied IDL files, see Then you first have to get all PUIDs of all registered server replicates and then issue a ShutdownServer command for all server replicates.

Alternatively you can also use SMH e.g. using the entirex.server.monitorport property, see .