Shutdown and Restart RPC server

Running Java RPC Server under linux, this server connects to a JBoss application to run our business logic.

We create a hourly job to connect to JBoss and the RPC server to check if they are running ok.

Is there a argument to be given to com.softwareag.entirex.aci.RPCServer to deregister from broker without manual intervention(System Management Hub)? Any other ideas?

Thank you all

configure entirex.server.minserver=1, entirex.server.fixedservers=no with entirex.server.waitserver=nS

When the waitserver timeout is reached, the server will deregister until there is only 1 (minserver) server running (set maxserver to number of concurrent processes you expect; this can be 1 also). Note that at least one server is always running.

These parameters can be supplied from the command line or the properties file.

This is what we have on our properties file

But yet this server sometimes stop working properly, than I have to shut it down manually than restart. Am I setting something wrong or is there a way around?

What happens exactly ?

We suspect a remote ejb class was out dated, but error message was saying it could load the class, so… my bad… I was wondering if is there anyone using avaRPCServer with JMX? It could be great being able to run a test call or use a timer call…


You can set/change the properties


to get more diagnostic information from the Java RPC Server.