Java RPC Server: How to increase number of restarts

We have a Java RPC server, version, running on Win2K and a BS2000-broker on the remote end. Sometimes the broker goes offline for maintainance reasons. During this offline-time the RPC server make 15 attempts to reconnect to the broker and finally shuts down.

How can we increase this number of attempts from 15 to a higher value? Any hints on what to insert in the server’s property-file?


In the version of the Documentation you will find in the section Administration of the EntireX Java RPC Server on … the description of the properties.

entirex.server.restartcycles is defined as Number of restart attempts if the Broker is not available. This can be used to keep the Java RPC Server running while the Broker is down for a short time.

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Hi Rolf,

thanks a lot for your immediate answer. We’ll try to get the latest version of the Communicator.



can we increase the waiting time before restarting the server?

Our broker is going offline every weekday between 6pm and 7pm while backup the databases and other. The Java RPC server should wait 5 - 10 minutes before try to restart.


Hi Grit,

unfortunately it is not possible to change the value of the wait time.