Rolling of RPC Server logs under windows?

We have a RPC server running under Windows 2000 which services RPC requests from z/OS.
The RPC Server runs great but we need to restart nightly due to constraints with our mainframe service provider. The restarts are handled using Windows Task Scheduler, which works great.
The problem is that when the service starts up it basically over-writes the existing logfile. The upshot is that we cannot review old logs when a problem occurs.

Is there a parameter we can supply to the RPC server to roll the log files on startup? or Even just append to the existing file?
we currently use the ‘entirex.server.logfile’ parameter to define the logfile name and location.
I can do a workaround with a DOS script in our startup, but I am hoping for a more elegant solution.


Which RPC Server are you using? Are you using the to set the logging properties?

Do you need to restart your RPC Server? The EntireX RPC Servers have options to retry the connection a certain number of times. Depending on which server and EXX release you are on, you can extend the number of retries (I think the earlier versions use a fixed 1 min interval), allowing the server to automatically reconnect when the mainframe connection returns.

We are using the JavaRPCServer. We definitely need to restart the server as our mainframe Broker shuts down nightly between midnight and 6:30 am.

I have attached a copy of the properties file (1.22 KB)