.Net RPC Server

I am running an EntireX dotNet RPC server (v7.3) on a Windows 2003 Standard server. This RPC server is attached to a broker on a Mainframe. Calls from the Mainframe work properly, however, I have two issues with the RPC server service :

  1. When to service is stopped in the windows services console, the rpcservice.exe process stops, but the rpcserver.exe process does not. I can see an error in the windows event log saying the the rpcserver.exe process failed to stop, but the log file that the event message points to, does not exist.
  2. If there are no calls made to the RPC server for a few hours, the server seems to hang i.e. the mainframe cannot reach the server. What can I do to prevent the RPC server from “dying”?
    Thanks in advance.
  1. If you stop the service from SMH, does the service process stop?
  2. what is your WAIT set to? SERVER-NONACT? Can you see periodic 00740074 timeout messages in your server log when the server is idle? The wait should be the same or less than the SERVER-NONACT and CLIENT-NONACT. I usually use something around 10M to 30M (minutes).

Thanks Douglas. Sorry for the delay in replying. In reponse to 1, yes the rpcservice.exe process stops but the rpcserver.exe process does not (I have tested this on three machines, win2003 and winXP). I have not had time to try your solution for 2, but will do so as soon as possible. Thanks.