XML RPC Server tracing

I have been trying to trace the JAVA XML RPC Server using the following properties


But the trace file is not created.

If I leave the ‘entirex.server.logfile’ property out, the trace data is sent to teh DOS command window from where the XMLRPCServer was launched, not ideal.

Things I have tried…


Hi Chris-

Here is a couple pages from some documentation that I came across that might help you out:
3.1 Configure the XML RPC server

For the purposes of the example it is recommended that you configure the XML RPC Server to provide advanced logging capabilities.

First, you will need to edit the jxmlrpcserver.bat file found in C:\Program Files\Software AG\EntireX\Bin (if you used the defaults during installation). You will need to insert ?-Dentirex.trace=2? after ?java? and before ?-classpath ??.

This will write the content of the send and receive buffers to the console (The same console the you will eventually use to start the XML RPC server).

Note, if you are using a proxy to get to the internet, you will also have to specify a proxy server and port in the jxmlrpcserver.bat file, this is accomplished by specifying the Java environment variables http.proxyHost and - optionally - http.proxyPort, for example ?java … -Dhttp.proxyHost=proxyhost [-Dhttp.proxyPort=portNumber]?.

Next, you will set up certain logging properties for the XML RPC server. This can be accomplished by coping the entirex.trace.standard file found in C:\Program Files\Software AG\EntireX\Etc into the same directory as jxmlrpcserver.bat and renaming it to entirex.trace.properties. Then, edit the entirex.trace.properties file and change ?entirex.sdk.default.trace.level? to ADVANCED and ?entirex.sdk.default.trace.filename? to something other than STDOUT or STDERR, for example ? trace_logfile (Note, the name you chose will not have any affect, as the resulting log-filename will always be ?exx.sdk.xml.runtime.log?). Leave the value of ?entirex.sdk.default.trace.directory? at ?.?, this will write the file to the current directory (The same directory in which you will eventually execute the jxmlrpcserver.bat file).

Before you can start the XML RPC Server, there is one final step. You will need to edit the configuration file used during startup.

Start by editing the entirex.xml.runtime.configuration.xml file, which can be found in C:\Program Files\Software AG\EntireX\Etc. You will need to check/change several nodes in this file. First check/change the ?BrokerId? and ?ServerAddress? nodes, then check/change the ?TargetServer? and child ?xmms? nodes. See the entirex.xml.runtime.configuration.xml file presented below.

Finally, save the file.

I hope this helps,