Check version Broker / EntireX


What is the command to check the version of a Broker / EntireX? Have you tried:

~ etbinfo-d-b BROKER ETB002 ~ etbinfo BROKER-d-b-l FULL ETB002

No further information is accurate. Any suggestions to identify the most accurate version?

Already, thank attention.


etbinfo -b localhost:1971 -d BROKER

I can see the version number (this is on Windows).


Is it not easier to open the licence file and check the product version?

Ana Sequeira

No, the version number in the license file is not reliable.
For example if you have a Natural One license file then it tells you the version of Natural One.

I see.
Thank you very much.
I think I found a reliable way to check the version then,
inside the bin folder, it’s possible to run the following command: (linux)
./server_qsck -version

Documentation used: 9-5-SP1_Administering_Broker.pdf

My result was : Version 091713

Kind Regards,
Ana Sequeira

Hhmm, looks like you are talking about the product webMethods Broker which is not the topic here.
It has a separate forum, see

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