ETBE0065 in log Entirex

we are using EntireX 7.1 in windows 2000 server (sp4) platform.I saw error num “ETBE0065 WQEs lost” in Entirex log and after this problem, application are ranning slowly and clients are not satisfied. at the some time , If i press F5 for refreshing in EntireX Broker control center Error 00030003 appears is there any relation between these two error messages?
How can I fix the error num “ETBE0065 WQEs lost” ?

ETBE0065 WQEs Lost

Explanation - The EntireX Broker dispatcher has problems distributing the work to the worker subtasks.

Action - Contact your Software AG technical support representative.

EntireX 7.1 on Windows 2000 is out of support since November 30, 2005 …