Programmatically capture request & response

I have a problem statement to capture all requests made from the frontend-application that goes through EntireX to Natural-Adabas backend & also the response.

  • Is it something that could be acheived by turning on EntireX Command Logs? Or is there a better alternative?
  • Is it also possible to do it programatically? May be like changing some configurations programmatically to make it work?


i may be totally wrong but i doubt if there is any such facility available.

If you want to do for debugging purpose then try increasing log level for 0800 EntireX Adapter to TRACE in IS and see if that start logging input\output to server log.

What exactly do you want to capture? Just the request with some parameters or also the payload of the message(s)?

I need to capture the payload of the message

There is nothing out-of-the-box for this. The only possibility is to use logging/tracing on the client or server side, or add something to your application.

Depending on what integration method you’re using, there may be other ways as well. For example, if your use of EntireX is to SOA-enable Natural applications, and if you have a robust SOA platform, perhaps there is a way your SOA product can capture the XML payloads it is receiving and forwarding. This also assumes you’ve placed a SOA product in between your integration points rather than going point-to-point with all your web service clients and services.