Debugging a Natural call to Integration Server over EntireX


is there a way to “debug” Natural’s communication with EntireX? I would like to “trace” an outgoing call from Natural via the EntireX Mini Runtime on Linux to see the parameters and other technical information. I know of the corresponding feature for incoming calls (EntireX → Natural RPC Server) where I can log the information to a text file via a setting in NatParm. But I can’t find a setting for outgoing calls.

Background: We use EntireX to call services in Integration Server from Natural. Unfortunately, a certain service call leads to a core dump in the Natural session. Although the service is executed correctly and Integration Server returns a valid response, the Natural session is killed immediately after the service call. The service works fine for different parameter combinations but for a single combination it reproducibly crashes. Because I have absolutely no idea what goes wrong, I would like to compare a working call to a failing one and need some kind of debug information.

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Hi Stefan
Tracing the Java stub is done by setting the Environment variable ETB_STUBLOG

See more info here:

Hi Finn,

thanks for the quick reply! That’s exactly what I needed!

For future reference:

export ETB_STUBLOG=2
export ETB_STUBLOGPATH=/tmp/etblog

Just set these environment variables (on the client!) and EntireX will create a log file, e.g. /tmp/etblog/21176.etb, containing the debug information.

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No, this is not for the Java stub, but for the broker.dll / broker shared library. But that’s what Natural is calling so it works here.

OK Ralf you’re of course right - wrong wording but right link at least :wink:

This is not the same as a Broker (kernel) trace which is performed by EntireX. This trace is actually performed on the client by the communication stub.