Capture request / response from EntireX

Hi All, I have a query regarding Natural Adabas application & capture of request/response. There is a Natural Adabas application on the mainframe & has a modern GUI. The communication happens through EntireX. I have a problem statement to capture all request/response that takes place between Natural Backend / application-server.

  • Where is the best place to capture all request/response? Application-Server or EntireX?
  • How this should be done?



You will need to clarify a bit on how you are using EntireX, If you are using RPC, the RPC server creates trace logs that could be parsed to pull request/response messages. If you’re using ACI, which I know about nothing there, my guess is you will need to code in your applications this facility.

If you don’t mean content of these messages, there are probably many ways you could go depending on the way you applied EntireX for integration and what version you’re running.


You should be able to turn on tracing for the EntireX communication stub on the application server. Please read the EntireX documentation regarding turning on tracing in the stub.

I would need more information about the client application on the application server before I can give you more specific information.