Unable to Uninstall webMethods 10 and 10.1 in Windows 10

Hi Team,

I have mistakenly deleted the Software AG files and folder in my system.
However, webMethods APP still remains in my drive and it’s consuming more space around (5 GB)

I am unable to uninstall this. As it’s looking for respective files.

Hence, kindly request you to help on this.

Kindly let me know if you need any more information.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Lakshmi,
when you deleted SAG folders the products are definitely gone, not using 5GB of data anymore.
It’s likely only your windows installer (keeping details in windows registry) that still thinks there is something.
Two ways out:
(1) You re-install and then uninstall the the software correctly (clean)
(2) you use build in windows registry editor or other free downloadable tools to cleanup the windows installer repository. (faster).
Best regards,

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