While I’m not surprised you deleted my other post, I am quite concerned you’ve taken upon yourself a very serious and dangerous business practice. Clicking UNINSTALL should uninstall all of the application. See, just like you can ban me from this forum - I’d like to ban your program from my hard drive because it keeps POPPING UP every time I open an application. It would be quite nice and favorable for your business if you responded to this post with a list of registry items to delete than telling me to call international long distance and spending all day with your obviously unhinged CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT.

What does the popup actually say? I’m just wondering if you installed the Word plugin for Tamino?

It tries to install three or four different times in a row when I click on another application. Software Ag: Extended Transport Services System Management Hub Universal Transaction Platform And maybe another. If I don’t click cancel it will just tell me that it can’t find some other application it needs that I obviously erased when I attempted to uninstall almost a year ago. I’ve tried cclean. That won’t work, it just removes it from the ‘add/remove programs’ listing. There are specific kinds of programs that set this off. And once it starts, it launches all three or four in a row. I have to click cancel three times, then after I finally enter the program I clicked on, another one pops up and tries to install. I’m telling you - I’ve lived with this blasted nuisance for a year searching for how to get rid of it and it is extremely annoying.

I don’t think I installed the Word Plug in. I attempted to use the trial version and it wouldn’t install properly so when I attempted to uninstall it - this is what it left me with.

The registry key that is typically used is: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Software AG… but I don’t know if it is sufficient to just remove that. You might want to export it to a file so that you still have the info to check the registry for cross references.

Deleted said registry files. Still doing the same thing. No, I didn’t save the files for cross reference because I’m obviously not that smart. Any other ideas?

I had meant to export the registry key and all its related info because that would have been useful to follow cross references elsewhere in the registry. I suspect that there is install/uninstall info present in the registry that is being picked up and attempting to reinstall missing software. Unfortunately that is not my field of expertise. Don’t forget that editing the registry by hand is dangerous because it is possible to make Windows inoperable if you make a mistake.

I do not know what caused this problem, but I will try to cure the symptoms. I assume that the CD with the Software AG installation is no longer in the drive. So when Windows starts the Tamino installation it uses a cached installation file. To remove the cached installations from your harddisk, go to the directory: “\InstallShield Installation Information” On an english Windows is the directory “C:\Program Files” (in a default installation). The following subdirectories contain cached setup information of the Software AG products installed with the Tamino Starter Kit 4.2: {0923ED71-3C9F-45B1-9C35-56BBD94F0110} {0E0224E8-9510-4FDA-BA8A-326B1F3058B3} {4EF4FA59-451B-4AFC-B87B-ED881EEF1A12} {61EBEFFC-6716-444B-B22A-0190CEEECB20} {B45E65AB-4724-4948-B540-5ED1B9EF2356} {EA38471C-5074-40D9-85CA-2EB7CBF78306} Please delete all the above mentioned directories. This is the InstallShield cache of installation/uninstallation data. Additionally Microsoft also caches information about installed MSI packages. This information is kept in the directory “\Installer” (In a default installation is “C:\Windows”). In this directory delete all the “*.msi” files where the “Author” is “Software AG” or “Software AG, ICE group” or “Software AG, InstallTeam Berlin”. Usually there are a lot of msi files in this directory. The easiest way to find all msi files with the “Author” “Software AG” is to add the detail “Author” to the Explorer view (Menu: “View”->“Choose Details”, select Author) and sort the file display by the Author. I hope this helps to solve your problem.