Unable to start webMethods Integration Server

I am getting the below error while i am trying to start IS.



Can you share the below details:

webMethods version=
JDK version=
Is it a fresh installation?
Did you install as service/application?
From when are you facing this issue?
Was the IS up and running before this issue occurred?
Any usefull information on server log

IS 8.2.2
Windows 7 Professional
Not a fresh installation.
Installed as application
The IS up and running before this issue occurred?

Cool… :lol:

Can you start the IS from All Programs>>SAG webMethods

List all the folders/files under SAG/IntegrationServer (provide screen shot) I am not sure whether we have a LOCkFILE in wM 8 or not (need to confirm)

or Reboot your system

Tried from All Programs, unable to start.

Deleted LockFile
Screenshot of IS Folder.

Sorry, The server is in running state. But it is not showing all logs. LockFile is creating in Profiles/IS/bin folder.

Was busy in the evening… so could not reply to your post…

Cool… :slight_smile: you have the lockfile at Profiles/IS/bin remove the lockfile and restart the IS from the same location… you must be having server.bat/startup.bat file…

Let me know your results…