problem starting the server in UNIX

I am trying to start the server in UNIX,i am getting this and its letting me out of console…

Could anyone of you help me…

com.wm.proxy.ProxyException: failed to invoke proxy method

    at com.wm.proxy.Proxy.invokeStaticMethod(

Facing similar issue… Can anybody help?

This is common issue that faced regulary,unfournately i didn’t ever came across this error

check below link,it may help you


Before you start the server:
Check if LOCKFILE is not there in /IntegrationServer directory.
Check if there is any process id in running state for IntegrationServer by doing a grep (ps -ef | grep IntegrationServer).

If it exists, server has not come down properly. Kill it and try to start the server.


Yes that is the normal troubleshooting if not final option then it is kill -9 PID


Thanks for the reply… I am sorry to mention that I am facing the issue with windows system.

Only one instance is installed and I couldnt start the server.

Never mind.

But do you see the LOCKFILE still exist and if yes try delete it first.

And they try starting IS via command line with server.bat -port 5555 -log none and see where you got stuck with IS exceptions.


Hi rmg,

I dont see LOCKFILE, this problem raised when I installed CE version of Centrasite in same webMethods7 folder.

proxy error is occurred running below step in server.bat file,

rem run integration server
title webMethods Integration Server

Centrasite, broker are running… Couldnt start IS :frowning:

Can you uninstall CE from that directory and try it?But I think it shouldn’t impact the IS starting up though unless the some internal folders got messed up.

Can you open na SI with SAG support also?

Try to disconnect your server from network and start IS

Check if it works or not,i think it network issue

LOCKFILE should be located in
[SAG HOME]\IntegrationServer\LOCKFILE. This file is used to blocked any redundant startup of IS in the same folder.

You may try this command line in CMD to obtain detail IS activities during startup
[SAG HOME]\IntegrationServer\bin - “server.bat -debug 10 -log none”
[SAG HOME]\IntegrationServer\bin - “server.bat -debug trace -log none”

However, if your error is [com.wm.proxy.ProxyException: failed to invoke proxy method] it is likely to be network issue.

try to backup your integrationServer/bin/ini.cnf file


What command are you using to bring IS start on the Unix?