IS/MWS Startup

When I try to start up the IS from the Services so that it can be run in background, I encounter the following error

Windows could not start the SoftwareAG Integration Server service on Local computer.
Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.

However, if I try to start the IS manually, it starts up. But then need to have the command prompt window open on the server box.

Similar issue with MWS.

I see the below error,

Windows could not start the SoftwareAG My webMethods Server (default) on Local Computer. For more information, review the System Event Log. If thisis a non-microsoft service, contact the service vendor, and referent to service-specific error code 1.

What is the webMethods version Ur using?

Do U see any errors in wrapper.log, server.log or windows logs?

webMethods Version

I do see server.log in the log folder

I mean can check the following files and see if any “errors” at the time when U are starting the services.

For MWS service:


For IS service"



did you check the system event log in Windows for this service?


Given details are not sufficient, please share more information.


You can try un registering the services and register them again…!

you can try the command “uninstallservice” to Unregisters the server as a Windows service and “installservice” to re-registers the server as a Windows service