Unable to start MWS after installing the fixes

Hi All,

After installing the fixes in to MWS the server is not comming up and throwing the below exception. Kindly please help to get resolve this issue.

[POP.001.0002] A “javax.faces.FacesException” occurred with the Message "com.webmethods.rtl.RtlException: [POP.001.0002] A “java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException” occurred with the Message “[wm-cjdbc40-0034][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Invalid column name ‘BEANEXPIREPOLICY’.”

Thanks in advance.


What is the fix that you have applied?

We are facing the Kanji character issue in MWS. So, for that we tried to install the below fixes in MWS suggested by SAG Team.


I dont see any details about Kanji char issue in both the readme’s of above mentioned fixed. Also, for TN, the latest is TN_8.0_SP1_MWS_Fix8. The error sounds like, there is some problem with the db table/column because of the fix that is applied. Should there be any other db configurator fix that needs to be applied? I am not sure. Please follow up with SAG Support parallely as they have suggested this fix.