Unable to Start API Gateway

Hi ,

I am trying to install API gateway trial version on my system however I am not able to open API gateway url in browser.

I have done the below :

  1. pulled the docker images into my local.

  2. ran the below docker command
    docker run -d -p 5555:5555 -p 9072:9072
    –hostname apigw-host
    –name apigw store/softwareag/apigateway-trial:10.5

however I am not able to open the apigateway using url http://localhost:9072 using browser.I am using windows 7 OS.

Please let me know if i am missing something here.


May we know your docker installation setup. Depending upon how docker is installed impact its way of access.

Hi Madhu,

Please check and share below information, Based on that we can proceed with identifying the issue.

  1. API Gateway logs
  2. Are you able to login to IS? If so navigate to Package–>management and check the status of wmAPIGateway package on whether it is fully loaded or partially loaded? If partially loaded check for errors
  3. Navigate to back end folder \SoftwareAGInstallationDirectory\InternalDataStore\bin and start the elasticSearch by running the batch file.

I dont see APIGateway Package on my IS under packages.

Are you able to access 5555?
Can you try different outbound port. The one you are using may be in use.
Can you share the details of licensing screen please

Hi Madhu,

This package is must needed for the AGW to come up properly and it’s tightly coupled with IS engine via this package. Please check on both AGW and IS logs if the gateway is running and operational for the mentioned url endpoint access!!