Getting Started with API Gateway DockerHub Image


Software AG's webMethods API Gateway enables you to safely expose, monitor, monetize and manage your APIs for use in mobile, web and IoT applications.This brief tutorial describes how to get started with the API Gateway docker images from DockerHub. The API Gateway image available on DockerHub is a fully functional free trial version limited to 90 days for non-production use. 

Pulling and Starting the API Gateway Image

If required, you can pull the API Gateway 10.5 free trial image with the following command:

docker pull store/softwareag/apigateway-trial:10.5

Before starting the API Gateway please make sure that the main memory and the kernel settings of your docker host are correctly configured. The docker host should provide at least 4 GB of main memory. Since API Gateway comes with an Elasticsearch, the vm.max_map_count kernel setting needs to be set to at least 262144. You can change the setting on your docker host via the following command:

sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144

Further details and important system settings to be considered can be obtained from the Elasticsearch documentation.

To start the API Gateway container use the docker run command:

docker run -d -p 5555:5555 -p 9072:9072 --hostname apigw-host --name apigw store/softwareag/apigateway-trial:10.5

The docker run is parameterized with the server and the webApp port exposed by the docker container. The host information of the docker container is set to apigw-host and the name of the container is set to apigw.

The API Gateway container can be stopped using the docker stop command:

docker stop -t90 apigw

The docker stop is parameterized with the number of seconds required for a graceful shutdown of the API Gateway along with the API Gateway container name.

Running API Gateway with externalized Elasticsearch

The API Gateway 10.4 free trial docker image comes with an embedded Elasticsearch version 5.6.4. Separating the data storage into a separate container or service is a best practice. It allows the keeping of the API Gateway data beyond the existence of the API Gateway container.

Assuming an Elasticsearch instance is available at http://elastic-host:9200, the API Gateway 10.5 free trial can be started as follows to store its data in the existing instance:

docker run -d -p 5555:5555 -p 9072:9072 --env apigw_elasticsearch_hosts=elastic-host:9200 --hostname apigw-host --name apigw store/softwareag/apigateway-trial:10.5 

The Elasticsearch instance is referenced via the environment variable apigw_elasticsearch_hosts. The API Gateway 10.5 requires an Elasticsearch version 5.6.4 or an earlier version.


The full documentation is available on the Tech Community (community membership is required - learn more) : 

On the community website you can also find forum discussions and blog posts about using webMethods API Gateway along with tutorials and code samples.


For customers with a commercial license support is available via Empower as normal. For community users use the forums on:

Free Trial Restrictions

Full-featured version of the webMethods API Gateway, free trial is limited to 90 days for non-production use.


License terms for this product can be found here:

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Base Image

This product references the official CentOS ( image as its base image. Software AG is not responsible for the contents of this base image.