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webMethods Microgateway tutorial


The webMethods Microgateway plays an important role in distributed and microservice architectures, serving the east-west API traffic of local and private APIs while enabling the main API Gateways server handle the north-south traffic of public APIs. Microgateways are small and agile, and can be deployed quickly and decommissioned any time thanks to the fact they are brought to live to serve specific function for a specific API. Microgateways can be deployed virtually anywhere—either as a self-contained Java application or as a Docker container, either stand-alone or in sidecar mode.

Pulling and Starting the API Gateway Image

If required, you can pull the Microgateway 10.5 free trial image with the following command:

docker pull store/softwareag/microgateway-trial:10.5

Start the Microgateway container using the docker run command:

docker run -p 9090:4485 \
--env mcgw_api_gateway_url= \
--env mcgw_api_gateway_user=Administrator \
--env mcgw_api_gateway_password=manage \
--env mcgw_downloads_apis=EmployeeService \
--name microgateway store/softwareag/microgateway-trial:10.5

The availability of the Microgateway can be checked using the following HTTP request:The docker run is parameterized with the server port exposed by the docker container. The passed environment variables configure a connection to the API Gateway to pull API definitions. In the sample configuration the Microgateway pulls the EmployeeService from the API Gateway running on To pull multiple APIs a comma separated list can be used to specify all the APIs. During start the Microgateway pulls the specified APIs and their policy definitions. If the configured API Gateway can’t be reached then the Microgateway fails to start with an explanatory error message.

GET http://localhost:9090/rest/microgateway/status

The pulled APIs and their policies can be queried via the following HTTP request:

GET http://localhost:9090/rest/microgateway/assets

The Microgateway container can be stopped using the docker stop command:

docker stop -t90 microgateway

The docker stop is parameterized with amount of seconds required for a graceful shutdown of the Microgateway and the Microgateway docker container name.


The full documentation is available from the Software AG Documentation website:

On the community website you can also find forum discussions and blog posts about using webMethods Microgateway along with tutorials and code samples:


For customers with commercial license support is available via Empower as normal. For community users use the forums on:

Free Trial Restrictions

Full-featured version of the webMethods Microgateway, free trial is limited to 90 days for non-production use.


License terms for this product can be found here:

If you wish to purchase a commercial license for webMethods Microgateway, please contact us here:

Base Image

This product references the official alpine ( image as its base image. Software AG is not responsible for the contents of this base image.