Unable to make a post-processing mft work

Using webMethods 10.7

I am trying to get a post-processing mft to work. I have a virtual folder in which we place files. I would like to monitor that virtual folder and act whenever there is a *.OK file popping up there.
I monitor the upload to the virtual folder with any status and for every user, but the mft just never gets started. There is no log and nothing is happening with the file (simple action at the moment: move).

Anybody familiar with this?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Karin,

ActiveTransfer post processing events get triggered only if the files are transferred via listener ports/file servers that are defined in ActiveTransfer.
If files are placed manually on a directory, post processing events will not get triggered.

However, from 10.7 ActiveTransfer does support monitoring a directory in local file system that is available only in the new UI.
You can create a ‘Monitor Folder’ action to achieve the same.
Please refer the screenshot for reference here:

If you have configured a “Monitor Folder” action and it does not trigger the event, please let us know and share the ActiveTransfer.log.


Thank you! I just found out that if I move a file using something like filezilla it will get triggered. I am aware of the monitor function, but the use of a file path instead of a virtual folder was holding us back.
Your explanation is clear though.

Again thank you.

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