Issues in Event Management of MFT

Below is the issue I am facing.

Suppose someone uploads file in a virtual folder of MFT. A event is created which monitors the the folder for a particular action on a folder say uploading a file in folder or deleting a file in folder. If the file is uploaded in that folder, a certain set of action is defined in that event like copying a file to another folder or renaming the file, firing an IS service etc.

The issue I am having is that events are not getting triggered in a ideal way. Ideally if the event is deactivated or deleted it should not get fired. But this is not happening. Instead of the triggering the current event, the old deleted event is getting triggered automatically. Even after restarting the IS, if I am creating a new event which is completely fresh; still the old deleted event is getting triggered. I can say that for sure because when I am checking the MFT logs in the file system not through MWS; its showing that old deleted event was triggered.

Do anybody has any idea what might be the issue and resolution for this.

What is the IS/MWS and MFT version are you having this issue 8.x or 9.x?


MWS : 9.5.x
IS: 9.5.x
MFT Package version:9.5.x

Actually issue is that sometimes it works accurately and ideally sometimes it doesnot.

Please raise a ticket with SAG in the mean time…looks like they need to peek in your environment and more troubleshooting sounds a intermittent issue rather an permanent issue.


I found the following resolution for this issue which worked positively.

  1. If you make any changes in Event Management. You have to re log in in to webClient for changes to take effect.
  2. If you make any changes in Server management. You have to restart the ports.

Restarting the server or reloading the package does not have any effect.

Hi rmg,

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We also faced the same problem in MFT and changes are reflected after log out and log in . :slight_smile: