MFT Installation in Trial Version 10.5

Hi Everyone,
I have recently installed MFT from 10.5 Free-Trial but would like to understand the overall exeuction of MFT flow.
I have created source and destination file in my local system and created one Event Management for moving the file from Source to Destination folder. While the event is active, but I am still not able to see file moving from Source to Destination. Can anyone please suggest if this is valid scenario to be tested OR should I have to have Active Agent installed in another machine and then try the same process after getting user created as mentioned in below link. Feel free to share some additional document which can help me out here.

Can you go under the IS—>WmMFT package and run the inbuilt service wm.mft.schedule:executeEvent by specifying your event name and see the results. You can check MFT Event Logs on the MWS for further information.