Unable to see events on MWS

I’m not able to see the schedule events I’m creating on MWS. However, when I run the wm.mft.assets.partner:list inbuilt service, I could see all the events in the service results. I do not see any error messages while creating the events. Can someone help ?

Same problem, did you solve this issue?

Can you please check if you are connected to Active Transfer Instance from MWS?
Are these events listed on IS Admin page under schedulers option but still not on MWS?


This one helped us finding the missing file in config/Caching. Now we can see all AT events and users again.

We have wM9.9

Nice. :slight_smile:

config/Caching and in which particular .xml file you were able to find it? Please elaborate if possible.


Please share the resolution, how were you able to fix it.


Sorry, this is the article that gave us information how to solve it.