ActiveTransfer Events not working after upgrade from 9.5 to 9.7

Hi All,

After upgrading webmethods from 9.5 to 9.7 the execution of services for a given event is not working anymore.

We have tested this by creating new events for both:

  1. ftp connection (remote file path)
  2. local folder connection (file path)
    After the file is being identified the service we select on the event should get triggered, but it’s not.

By running the tests for both FTP and Local folder, we eliminated the assumption that the root cause could be related to FTP configuration.

Both tests end with the following log:
01/19/2015 09:33:20 AM|com.softwareag.mft.activetask.plugins.Task.:ActiveTask items size=0
01/19/2015 09:33:20 AM|com.softwareag.mft.activetask.plugins.FindTask.Find:Starting…
01/19/2015 09:33:20 AM|com.softwareag.mft.activetask.plugins.FindTask.Find:Finding items in path:/e:/data/testfolder/
01/19/2015 09:33:20 AM|com.softwareag.mft.activetask.plugins.FindTask.Find:Got list1 with items:1
01/19/2015 09:33:20 AM|com.softwareag.mft.activetask.plugins.FindTask.Find:Filtering find with check1 items:1
01/19/2015 09:33:20 AM|com.softwareag.mft.activetask.plugins.FindTask.Find:Added:/e:/data/testfolder/testfile.xml
01/19/2015 09:33:20 AM|com.softwareag.mft.activetask.plugins.FindTask.Find:Completing find with newItems items:1
01/19/2015 09:33:20 AM|com.softwareag.mft.activetask.plugins.ISServiceInvocatonTask.Execute Integration Server Service_1:Starting…
01/19/2015 09:33:20 AM|com.softwareag.mft.activetask.plugins.ISServiceInvocatonTask.Execute Integration Server Service_1:invoking IS service:‘Sandbox.test:execTestService’ for file:/e:/data/testfolder/testfile.xml
01/19/2015 09:33:29 AM|READ:DEV ActiveTransfer Gateway:PUT:PONG
01/19/2015 09:33:29 AM|DMZ command queue ping:555ms

Any ideas/suggestions are very much appreciated.


Hi All,

After further troubleshooting, I discovered that the issue was caused by the signature of the service given as input to the event for execution.

It seems that if the service set for execution on the Active Transfer Event has as input an IS Document with an attribute in it, when you set the value to the document attribute, the value cannot be fetched, NullPointer exception is logged and the service is not being executed.
If you however don’t set a value for the Document Attribute the execution of the service is triggered.

Service: com.test:tstService
Input: testDocInput

When you configure a value for “inValue” in the AT Scheduled Event, that service (com.test:tstService) will not be executed at all. When “inValue” is not set (not extraction is needed), no NullPointer exception is logged in the AT logs & the service execution is triggered.
The above example can be reproduced also with an empty service that has the input defined only, that is because the bug/issue is before the actual execution of the service.

A ticket is raised with SoftwareAG and confirmation is pending on this whether it’s a product issue or not, we have an workaround in the meantime.


OK sounds good and thanks for the update shared on this thread. :smiley: