Configuring AS2 version on webmethods


We have migrated this WE from webMethods 8.2 to 9.6 and we encounter the following problem.
The new version of WMEDIINT automatically set AS2 version to 1.2. Before we were sending messages using AS2 version 1.1.
Some of our customers are not able to handle this upgrade, so here is my question : Is it possible to configure the AS2 version on TN ?

Thanks for your help .

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I think there is no straight forward way to set the version and change the default value.

Please contact SAG support tech and they may advise the work around/easy option…

Please post the outcome result :slight_smile:


Some news: The issue doesn’t come from The AS2 version. It seems that the customer do not receive the MDN

When I reprocess the EDIINT it generate an MDN and we do not see any connection to exterior on our proxy (which can explain that our customer don’t receive it. :smiley: )
The MDN logs say that all have been well processed.

Really strange situation. Do you have an idea ?

Strange and but if you get proper MDN from the TP AS2 identifier system then they should really have your payload received.

Do you see any errors in the logs/activity logs?

I would suggest,please log a SAG support ticket and troubleshoot



Was anything found in this respect?
We are facing a similar issue where everything shows successful but the partner says they didnt receive it.


What is your IS version?

What is the exact issue you are facing AS2 version or TP not receiving the EDIINT sent messages?

Are you not receiving the MDN’s back?



The version is 8.2 SP2. We recently migrated from SP1 to SP2. The problem is that the partner is not receiving the EDIINT MDN even though we are able to see it getting posted successfully and no error in logs.

Error(Description(Did not receive expected synchronous receipt in HTTP response), Response(200 OK)


We found what was the issue (and it has nothing to do with the AS2 version) :
It concerns the synchronous AS2 : it seems that the new platform change the MDN format including html format.
Some of our customer’s platforms don’t handle it.
the solution is to pass to asynchronous AS2 .
You can more explanations on the ticket 1751895 on empower

Not a really good solution, but it worked for us.

OK great and as long as it works with a work around and SAG supports we should be good.

Thanks for updating with the resolution on this thread back! :smiley: