Has anybody a sucessful implementation of EDIINT AS2 adapter running on wM 4.6?
I can exchange messages with it but I cannot verify and sign messages.

I am looking into using WM’s EDIINT AS2. I wanted to get some feedback from anyone who is currently in production with EDIINT AS2 -

  1. How was your first setup? Approx how long did it take?
  2. Did you experience any obstacles?
  3. Are you having any issues with interoperability with other AS2 software packages?
  4. What is your maintenance effort? Monitoring, retrys, cert management, etc
    Thank you! I appreciate any information you can provide.
  1. My first setup using EDIINT was using the 4.01 version of IS. I ran into many problems using EDIINT in a reverse invoke architecture and had to create a workaround until we moved over to 4.6 Under 4.6 the setup was a hell of alot smoother and only took me one week to get up and running after testing it.
  2. We ran into a problem using the RC2 algorithm which I need to test a fix I received from webmethods. Once I switched to the TripleDES algorithm the problem went away. The receive service ships with the ACL Internal which will prevent your partner from submitting documents to you. You need to give your partner TNPartner as an access group in order to use the EDIINT receive service.
  3. My partner uses the IPNet package on their end for AS2 communications and did not run into any problems at all.
  4. I have had this up and running for about 1 1/2 months on 4.6 and havent had any problems with it that I have seen. Cert management was simply defined within TN

If AS2 spec updates do we need to re-install a package??