Partner can't process signed EDIINT document.

Dear wM Users,

We are attempting to establish AS2 with a trading partner who is using an application called ACMS E2x. This is a product of Data Applications Company Limited. We are using wM EDIINT 6.5.2. We are able to successfully receive and process EDIINT documents (signed/encrypted) via AS2 from trading parter. However, the only success we have with outbound EDIINT documents to the trading partner is for unsigned (either encrypted or plain).

Unfortunately I don’t have many details as the only error we see in wM is “500 internal server error” and there is a language difference (Japanese/English). However, I would be interested in any information regarding reasons a system may not be able to process “signed” data or others’ experiences with ACMS trading partner.

Your input is appreciated.