Help w webMethods EDIINT AS2 solution integration with Cyclone

Has anyone integrated webMethods EDIINT AS2 solution with Cyclone EDIINT AS2 product? I am having no luck with sending and receiving EDI documents through my Trading Networks (4.6) w/ IS 4.6. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


we have integrated with a TP who is using cyclone through our webMethods TN 4.6 EDIINT AS2 with an EDIFACT payload.
We use digital certificates and https for authentication, signatures etc.
Start simple without https, certs etc, just use anonymous ACL if you can and then build up to the desired options.

Let us know what in particular is not working after you have started with the simple (plain text) options.


We have integrated with a few partners that are using Cyclone. We are using webMethods 4.6 but are also currently testing 6.01.

Let us know what progress you have made, and what errors you are encountering, and maybe we can help.

Someone (Ajay) asked me for a few more specific tips re: this so I’m posting it here for others as well:
For EDIINT AS2, start with

  1. http
  2. set up a simple test flow for outbound docs from your wM. This would consist
    of calling wm.EDIINT:send with an inputs Type = ‘plain’, deliveryMethod = PrimaryHTTP, data/contentType set to ‘text/xml’, data/stream has the results of pub.string:stringToBytes then, requestMDN = synchronousMDN, requestSignedReceipt = false, senderID and receiverID set up as per TN/EDIINT instructions.
  3. try sending using the above to wm.EDIINT:receive between your own two instances of IS first and pipe the comms through a trace, such as tcpviewer, ethereal or snoop.
  4. After you get it working at that level then start to add options that you want to use, like https, async MDN, message signing, encryption.
  5. Build you own flows to wrapper wm.EDIINT:receive and send, plus the EDIINT simple delivery (delivery task) so you are notified of errors.
  6. When you are happy with these results, get your cyclone TP sending/receiving to/from you.