If we have business connector, do we need to buy another softwrae to receive EDI by As2?

EDIINT AS1/AS2 is facilitated by Trading Networks, if you have it installed with Integration Server.

Mich EDIINT is not part of TN! It is one of add on components to WM EDI adpater You need Core EDI adapter installed WmEDI and additional package WmEDIINT package. If you have TN than you can utilize TN to help processing EDIINT messages but you can do same without TN. I know TN is not part of SAP BC distribution this is why I am telling you this.

We have the WmEDI, WmEDIINT, WmEDIforTN packages loaded. In the webMethosd EDI Users Guide, it says that “The HTTP(S) send address for EDIINT AS2 documents coming into webMethods is: http://host:port/invoke/wm.EDIINT.AS2/receive (where host:port are replaced with actual information).”

I dont see the wm.EDIINT.AS2/receive service when I browse the package in the developer. When I tried to reach this service from the browser, it says service not found.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

Couple of points.

The samples for EDIINT uses the invoke/wm.EDIINT/receive service and not as pointed out earlier by one of the user.

Regarding the error message, it looks like the service “recognize” does not find the TN document inorder to create the bizdoc. So, is your EDIINT document defined in TN when you setup the samples

I am trying to send an xml document using AS2. Not an edi document.


Did you copy the EDIINT.jar file to the appropriate directories and modify the classpath as specified in the installation guide?


Can you even send XML files over AS2?? Doesnt it assume its an EDI format with an Content Type of application/X12 or something similar. I think that is your problem

“The wm.EDIINT.AS2:receive service then determines what type of payload is in the MIME or S/MIME wrapper. If it is XML, the document is converted to a node and passed to (Trading Networks); if it is EDI, the document is converted to an edidata string and then passed to Trading Networks. If the document is neither EDI nor XML, it is passed to Trading Networks, but the document type will be considered unknown” - says B2BEDIINT user guide.