wmEDI with AS2


We have wmEDI and wmEDIForTN packages but we do not have wmEDIINT package. Now few of our customers are asking us to do AS2 communication with them. I know that wmEDIINT does allow you to AS2 communication. Since we do not have it, is there any way we can do this AS2 communication with our existing package?


No you definitely need WmEDIINT package installed for doing any AS2 (send/receive) transmission.

Are you not licensed that package which is part of webMethods EDI Module?


Noop. It seems that we are not licensed for wmEDIINT package. Is it a separate package from eStandard EDI module?

It’s part of eStandards EDI Module but they might have break down the license for it separately.So contact your region Sales Rep and followup.