Help wanted AS2 wo TN

Dear All,

Is there any way in which we can have AS2 communicaiton with out using TN.

In wm.EDIINT we get receive/send services for AS2, which are totally dependant on TN for the partner profiles etc.

Can we still have AS2 communication with the partners with out using TN?

Any ideas are welcome and please treat this as urgent and importnat.

Thanks in advance,
Anil Prasad

yes i heard we can do EDIINT AS2 communication with out using TN connection,but i am not fully wellversed in that let c if some one else can guide you better.

Any takers on this?


Before you take this route, a few things:
WM have TN as a central place to store certificates, profiles and rules for processing.
To Duplicate it, you will need a place you can save and access profiles (or at least ID of From and TO), a place to store certificates, a section for any rules you to apply to the documents.
You will need services to use this stored data.

This is why there is a TN as I see it. At a bare minimum with no signing or encrypting or rule processing, the following may help:

Yes, you need to make a custom receive service that others connect to. You can use wm.EDIINT.rec:EDIINT_message as the input signature. With that, you can also make a custom version of wm.EDIINT:receive that can handle most things exactly as is except you will have a your own custom service instead of the a few steps before the end. You will at this point convert the ediintdata to a bizdoc so you can easily you some of the pre-existing services. You will have to get the following from that data: “ediintdata” and “payload”. That is were things go sour, as the most common way to do this is with which is a part of TN. So if you have a service that can take the initial edidata and sort of duplicate it, you should be on your way. Good day.

Yemi Bedu