Using AS2-From user to identify Document and User in Trading networks


We are using WM 10.3 EDIINT package to receive AS2 messages and pass the data into Trading networks.
We want to be able to use the AS2-From field that we receive to identify the Document and Sender in trading networks, but that doesn’t seem to be available.

This is a very common scenario so I am hoping someone else has found a way to do this.


Hi JonVaughan,

kindly elaborate your request further more if you are not expecting as below.

You need to use the wm.EDIINT:receive Handler service which will help to parse ( decrypt / unwrap / authenticate the signature ) received AS2 Message and form the bizDoc which submitted to Trading Network for further processing based on the TN document types configured in the TN.

BizdocEnvelope will have addition information apart from the payload we received from the customers. i.e processingRules to route message based on the sender and receiver.

So you need to have custom service which is help you to play around usecase.

Refer the TN EDIINT BizDoc documents.

Thanks for the reply Dinesh,

If i look at the TN EDINT link, point 6 is what i am talking about. When the document (XML in my case) is passed to TN for processing i want to pass in the Sender that we have identified in the previous steps or the AS2-From field itself so i can use that to identify the sender.


please check the In-build service reference documents . if your requirement is to play around with the sender and receiver ID before submitting the xml to TN for recognizing. You need to use the custom processing not with the out-of-box features.

  1. wm.EDIINT:receive - This will give you the actual message from the parser.

  2. Create your the custom document / XML document which you want to submit to your TN and recogize with your custom parameters for sender and receiver . please refere the term TN_parms

  3. - This will recognize the xml document which you created earlier and invoke the expect processing rules service.
    input of the service is below
    1. node - instance of the xml documents
    2. TN_parms - This will have your documenttype, customSenderID and

Does this answer your question ?

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